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About Us

Resideo is a leading global provider of home security and software solutions, present in more than 150 million homes globally, and installations in 15 million homes each year. We are dedicated to the pro channel and on the forefront of the next wave in consumer technology: the smart, connected home. With a history of creating innovative, reliable solutions, our mission is to provide security professionals the technology that delivers security and simplicity to the places people call home.

A History of Innovation
As industry pioneers, we have developed many of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped today's residential and commercial security systems. We made systems easier to install and to use, developed the industry's most reliable wireless products and the most flexible hybrid control panels on the market. We are also on the forefront of advancements in cloud technology, software development and alarm communications.

Commitment to Quality
Our products are built in world-class production facilities, and are subject to rigorous testing exceeding industry standards for quality and performance. Honeywell Home equipment complies with all ISO-9001 protocols, an internationally recognized standard that defines a quality assurance system.

Software Solutions and Services
In our connected world, professionals need software services that help them meet their clients' growing expectations for mobile apps and smart home solutions. Through both products and marketing support, professionals are able to create connected homes by combining their knowledge and expertise with our innovation and experience. With Resideo, professional security dealers have access to remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, communication, automation and video surveillance services.

Installation and Maintenance Tools
Professionals want to know they are offering their customers the best, most reliable and most innovative solutions on the market. Resideo invests in meeting the needs of dealers - from designing solutions in ways that are easier to install to providing support for sales and marketing, training and maintenance of our products — to help improve the bottom line and operational efficiencies.

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