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CSFM Certificates

Step 1: Get the CSFM Certification number from the correlation sheet with corresponding Honeywell part numbers.

How to find a CSFM Certification number:

GO TO CORRELATION SHEET and get CSFM Certification number

EXAMPLE: A VISTA-128FB Certification Number is 7165-1645:0123, where,

7165  is the Category Number
1645  is the Assigned Company Code
0123    is the Listing Index Number [sequential].

NOTE 1: The 1645 portion of the number is VERY Important.

Step 2: Once you’ve obtained the CSFM certificate number, go to Instructions on how to use CSFM’s search, below.

Instructions on how to use CSFM's search:

Step 1: Go to http://osfm.fire.ca.gov/licensinglistings/licenselisting_bml_searchcotest.php

Step 2: Select “Honeywell Security” for company name

Step 3: Click on SEARCH

Step 4: Select “desired certificate” for Listing

To Search for parts that are not found in the correlation sheet:

Step 1: Select the part’s category from the Sort by Categories option. (company and Listing options remain at “All Listings”)

Step 2: Click on SEARCH

Step 3: To find the desired part, click “Ctrl F” [FIND FEATURE] and enter the part number.

EXAMPLE: For 5193SD select 7272-Smoke Detector-Photoelectric from category and do search.

Enter 5193SD in the find feature window and click find. It will take you to certificate number 7272-1653:0210