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UL 2050

For Advanced Encryption - FIPS 197 approved.

Latest version -
Cert # 979 for our Internet Devices is described on the NIST site as:

Alarmnet-i communications uses AES in CBC mode with 256-bit key. The module is embedded in the entire family of Alarmnet-i communicators including (but not limited to) 7845i-GSM, 7845i-GSMCN, 7845i-GSMG, iGSMCF, and 7847i. Alarmnet-i's AES software module is written in C and encapsulates encryption/decryption services for Alarmnet-i

Previous version -
Cert # 127 for our Internet Devices is described on the NIST site as:

The AlarmNet-i is used in our 7810ir, 7810ir-ent, 7845i, 7845i-ent and 8132 devices. The software module handles the encryption function for each product and is an encapsulated C++ module.

The site address is: http://csrc.nist.gov/cryptval/aes/aesval.html

For Triple DES Encryption -  FIPS 46-3 approved.

Cert. # 195 for the AC Communicator model is described on the NIST site as:

The AC Communicator Module (P/N 472491D3) is used to encrypt and transmit security system data over public telephone line, RS232 and DVAC to proprietary central station automation equipment.


Click here for information about the GOVHS-KT1 product kit for UL 2050 applications. If you have questions concerning UL 2050, click here