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ULC Listing Cards

Arrow How to acquire Listing Cards from the ULC website

The following is a brief description of how to use UL’s website to acquire Listing cards.


2. Type a model in the box next to Keyword

****You can also type a company name, part number, file number, etc.****

NOTE: Some problems you may encounter are:

a. Dashes and spaces may be an issue. [i.e. Vista-128FB or Vista 128FB]

b. Partial descriptions sometimes exist. [i.e. Vista-128FB may not give you all Listed categories for that product. If you type 128FB also, you will get one additional that didn’t appear on the original search of the Vista-128FB - There are only a few of these that act in this manner].

3. The results of your search will bring you to another screen with selections in blue, such as UOJZ.S789 [which represent: Category Control Number. File Number].

4. Select one of these blue descriptors and you will go directly to the Listing cards for that category.

NOTE: This selected document will include every UL Listing in that product category for that corresponding company.

5. Now you may view/print these pages.

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