Control Panel

The industry’s most economical six-zone control panel, Honeywell’s 4110XM provides excellent coverage for fire, burglary and emergency situations. It is an ideal entry-level panel for residential applications, including new builder markets.

  • Six programmable zones, three keypad zone, plus duress
  • Zone 5 can be supervised fire using four-wire smoke detectors
  • End of line resistor supervision on all zones for normally open or closed contacts
  • Normal response, 400 msec, on all zones, one zone can be 10 msec.
  • Zone types: entry/exit, perimeter, interior follower, day trouble/night alarm, 24-hour silent panic, 24-hour audible panic, 24-hour auxiliary, fire, with and without timeout
  • Interior zone bypassed with STAY and INSTANT functions
  • Zone restore reporting at sounder time-out if zone restored or at next system disarming

Valuable End-User Features

  • Audible Exit Warning
  • All keypads have an English language display and a four-wire connection to the control
  • Keyswitch arming with status indication and tamper protection
  • Test mode checks sounder, generates communicator test report; System can be walk tested
  • Seven user codes consisting of one master code and six secondary codes
  • Swinger suppression - ten maximum number of alarms and trouble reports permitted per armed period or unlimited
  • Individual bypass by zone
  • Forced Bypass - single bypass entry for all zones that are faulted
  • Fire alarm sounding turned off by single entry of OFF key
  • Chime mode on entry/exit and perimeter zones
  • Quick arming requires only a two-key entry for an arming mode, if enabled. Reports as User 0.
  • Interior zone bypassed with STAY and INSTANT arming
  • INSTANT and MAXIMUM mode cancels entry delay
  • Entry delay eliminated with MAXIMUM arming with interior protection on
  • Three keypad activated panic zone
  • Entry time: 0, 20, 30 or 45, 60, 90 seconds
  • Exit time: Entry time plus 15 seconds
  • Alarm cut-off time: 4, 8, 12, 16 minutes or no time-out
  • Extra large cabinet with removable door for wiring ease

Security Dealer Features

  • Built-in alarm relay, SPST: steady output for burglary/audible emergency and pulsed for fire
  • Pre-alarm, trouble and alert sounder built into keypads
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4110XM Control Panel