Hardwired to 5800 Wireless Converter

The Honeywell Home 5800C2W Hardwired to 5800 Wireless Converter enables retrofitting existing 12-volt security systems by converting their wired sensors to Honeywell Home 5800 Series wireless technology. Its ideal uses are to upgrade hardwired systems to LYNX Touch systems to provide connected home and business functionality, or upgrade to LYNX Plus for traditional security. In addition, it can be used in new construction installations that have been fitted with hardwired systems. Converting existing wired zones to wireless saves on installation cost, time and materials since there is no need to replace wired devices with individual transmitters.

Honeywell Home 5800C2W is simple to install and extremely flexible. It can power wired PIRs, and the included power supply is backed up with a standard, rechargeable battery. One button calibration automatically configures 5800C2W by learning what zones are in use.

Set-up is a three step process:

  1. Mount and wire the module
  2. Calibrate/activate the module zones
  3. Enroll the module’s wireless zones into the control panel
  • Nine hardwired zones with end-of-line resistor protection – use with existing contacts, PIRs, glassbreaks and other 12V sensors
    – Not for use with fire or heat sensors
    – It is recommended that any existing smoke, heat or CO detectors be replaced with new Honeywell Home 5800 Series detectors
  • One-button calibration/activation of zone inputs
  • 5800C2W wireless zones enroll in the control panel like any other 5800 Series device
  • 5800 Series serial numbers automatically assigned to activated zones
  • Power supply included to power PIRs
    – 12V 4AH battery provides four hours of standby
    – Low battery supervision and notification
  • Case tamper switch
  • Complete supervision of transmitters, zone tampers, low battery
  • Module can be mounted next to the control panel being replaced, or relocated if necessary to maximize wireless range
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5800C2W Hardwired to 5800 Wireless Converter
5800C2WCN Hardwired to 5800 Wireless Converter (Canada)