Fire / burg custom English display
Custom English Keypad

The 6139 is an attractive, easy to use keypad that takes the guess work out of operating your security system. This console is designed in white to blend in with most surroundings. You can use it with the door closed to hide the keys, or remove the door completely to reveal them.

Everything in plain English

A sophisticated and versatile keypad, the 6139 has a large, two line, 32 character, backlit customized English language display that indicates warnings and zone messages - there are no confusing blinking lights.

An easy-to-use information center

This smartly-styled console is the system’s information center, providing the status of your security system at-a-glance, with all information clearly displayed in a bright, extra large liquid  crystal display (LCD) window. Arranged in a telephone touchpad configuration, the keypad is easy to understand and operate. Keys are backlit to make nighttime operation possible.

Customized to meet your needs and preferences

Your system is programmed to your specific needs. Each protection zone is custom-programmed into the control by your alarm installer and is identified by name. You are instantly aware of the status of your security system. Depending on your system, different emergency situations can signal a 24-hour central station in case of a fire, police, or personal problem.

Built-in self-help

A self-help feature (on select controls) reviews the basic system functions and operation, displaying them in the console window; especially helpful to new users. It is activated by simply pressing any desired function key for five seconds.

Keypad features:
  • New attractively designed white keypad with removable door
  • New easy-touch plastic white keys that are backlit for easy visibility
  • Large type that can display 2 lines of English text
  • Separate keys for emergencies
  • Built-in sounder - makes audible "beeps" for entry/exit delays, system status and other alarm conditions
  • All protection zones and system events are displayed in simple English words
  • User-friendly - all system functions are clearly marked on the touch pad. Operation is simplified by using a uniform "security code + command" entry to perform any desired function
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