AlarmNet® 7810PC

IP Receiver Software

Honeywell’s 7810PC IP Receiver Software (referred to as the 7810PC) is a highly upgradeable and feature-rich IP alarm receiver solution that can take the place of traditional hardware-based 7810iR-ENT receivers.

Alarm receivers (such as the 7810PC or the 7810iR-ENT) monitor alarms, check-ins and status messages from fire and security systems.

How it Works
The protected premises sends alarms and messages either to a central station’s private LAN or to AlarmNet (which in turn stores and sends them to the central station via Internet). The central station uses a 7810PC to receive these alarms and messages. In addition to serving as a buffer, it allows the alarms and messages to be viewed, and to be passed on to automation equipment for further processing. The 7810PC can be configured in three receiver automation modes (Manual, Serial and TCP/IP), offering various degrees of intervention. For any mode the following applies:

  • Incoming messages are displayed in alarm history (ADEMCO® high-speed or Contact ID format).
  • Both the New Alarm window and the Alarm History window are first-in first-out (FIFO) buffers and are limited to 1000 entries.In private mode, when 1000 messages have been received in either window, the next message will push the oldest alarm off the list. All messages are stored in a Microsoft SQL database (for AlarmNet, stored in SQL at AlarmNet; for Private LAN, stored in SQL locally).

Customers can use any off-the-shelf computer as long as it meets processor/ memory/etc. requirements.

  • UL 1076, Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units and Systems
  • UL 864, Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems
  • UL 1610, Central-Station Burglar-Alarm Units
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