8132 / 8132-i

Symphony / Symphony-i

With Honeywell Security’s Symphony family of display products you can now offer your residential and commercial customers the most exciting new experience in security, convenience and control. The graphical touchscreen display simplifies their lives and provides easy, centralized fingertip control for a variety of daily tasks. Arming, disarming and bypassing of zones are so easy it can be done intuitively.

By simply following the graphics and menu-driven prompts on the bright, uncluttered touchscreen, security system operation is crystal clear – without any complicated commands to remember or blinking lights to interpret. It goes beyond the conventional keypad, letting your customers add real security to their home while enjoying lifestyle-enhancing benefits they won’t find anywhere else.

Symphony comes with the ability to control the security system and provide local lighting and appliance control, with an optional Data Services package, you can display a variety of Internet content such as news, stock quotes, weather, horoscopes and sports scores. Each family member can even have their own personalized screens to view e-mail headers and receive customized information. The Data Services Package also includes the ability to completely control the security system and Symphony remotely over the Internet with an ordinary web browser.

When using the Internet for alarm reporting, the Symphony-i version should be ordered.

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