Ceiling mount PIR motion detector

Honeywell Home 997 Ceiling Mount PIR (passive infrared) Motion Sensor is designed to be mounted in small to medium sized rooms between 8' and 12' high. Optimal performance is achieved when the detector is mounted on the ceiling in the center of the protected area. While a single 997 is ideal for sensing motion in rooms up to 30' x 30', multiple detectors are recommended when protecting larger areas like classrooms, meeting rooms, public lobbies and storage areas.

Mounting the detector on the ceiling helps minimize vandalism and tampering—making it especially effective in public areas such as schools and retail establishments. The compact, discrete size makes it a nearly invisible way to detect motion, so it will not detract from the style or architecture of the protected area.

  • UP to 36' (11m) diameter coverage pattern
  • 360° look-down capability
  • 8' to 12' mounting height
  • Twist-off cover for easy removal
  • Locally and remotely controllable walk-test LED
  • Selectable pulse count
  • Tampered front cover
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997 Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector
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