Ammo Box

Honeywell Home unique Ammo Box packaging provides security professionals with an entirely new level of installation convenience and inventory control. Each Ammo Box contains an “ammo belt” of 50 individually packaged magnetic contacts complete with screws, spacers and covers. Simply tear off the perforated, incrementally numbered bag. The number on the next bag indicates the quantity left in the Ammo Box.

Ammo boxes not only eliminate the frustration of digging through loose parts or sorting through mismatched sets—they make purchasing contacts simple. You can select the exact amount required for an individual installation or purchase the ultraconvenient Ammo Box of 50.

  • 50 individually packaged contacts per Ammo Box
  • Perforated bags let you take only as many as needed
  • Each bag contains all needed parts, including screws, spacers, etc.
  • Sequential numbers on bag tell you how many are left in the box