Compass® - Windows® Compatible Network Downloader
Windows® Compatible Network Downloader

Works with Honeywell Home VISTA and LYNX controls
Compass Downloader for Windows Software takes security system programming to a whole new level. This network compatible software provides a quick and easy method for planning, designing and communicating with the control panels. With Compass Downloader for Windows, you can also upload system programming that has been manually entered into the panel, or previously downloaded.

By using Compass Downloader for Windows, programming can be performed at the office prior to installation, or can be downloaded from a PC, a Laptop with a 4100SM Serial Module (where the control panel supports it) or with a CIA modem

Compass Downloader for Windows' menu-driven format makes it easy to learn and use!

Program Features
The Compass change feature reviews all system changes initiated by the download operator within the current session. A complete record of system modifications and the history of an account is also available.

DOS Conversion
With Compass, DOS conversion is seamless. Compass makes a copy of the existing DOS database and converts it to the Windows format.

Error Check
Distinct technology incorporated into Compass guides you through system programming. To ensure proper panel set-up, an error checking feature monitors programming and provides on-screen error alerts.

An on-screen help bar is displayed along the bottom of each screen for prompt assistance. Programming field numbers within each screen provide easy reference to the program sheet for installation and service.

Completely network compatible, Compass is engineered to accommodate up to 255 users. Multiple users may access the program and download simultaneously. Compass runs on Peer-to-Peer and LAN based networks such as Novell® and Lantastic®. Each workstation can support its own modem.

Search Engine
This new search engine allows quick and easy access to panel features. Simply type the desired feature name or the programming field number and the system will bring you directly to the appropriate screen, folder and feature location.

Unlimited templates allow for design of master accounts which result in a selection of options to expedite set-up.

User-definable fields
With user-definable fields, you have the option to customize your accounts screen. Gather and display the information most important to your company.

System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium II or better (we do not support running Compass on Apple machines)
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum 1GB recommended
  • HDD: 1.2 GB minimum, 2GB Recommended
  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Packs 2 or 3, Windows 2003,2005,2008 Server, Windows Vista Business*, Windows Vista Ultimate*, Windows Vista Home Basic*, Windows 7 32bit (XP Mode required for 100% compatibility. XP Mode is not available on Windows 7 Home edition), Windows 7 64 bit (XP Mode required for 100% compatibility. XP Mode is not available on Windows 7 Home edition). Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, 8.1 (with version (only with SQL 2008), Windows 10
  • Database Application: MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005,MS SQL 2005 express, MS SQL Express, MS SQL server 2008. MS SQL 2008 express , MS SQL 2012
  • Unattended Server: Windows Server 2008 32bit, Windows 7 32bit Ram-4GB HDD->10GB space Processor-2.60GHz
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x800 Recommended
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above (this is for displaying the Help files)
  • CD-ROM Drive, or other access to installation files (Internet, Local Area Network, etc.)

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  • Fully Compatible with Novell® & Lantastic® networks
  • Simultaneously downloads from multiple workstations
  • Complete Account Change/History 
  • Seamless DOS Conversion
  • Advanced Error Check 
  • On-Screen Help Exclusive Panel Feature Search 
  • Unlimited System Templates 
  • Multiple User Definable Fields 
  • Connect and Program the panels through Alarmnet registered devices (note not all AlarmNet devices support the feature)
  • Easily backup and restore your database

Access, program and control Honeywell Home security systems

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Compass 20 Screens PDF 218.85 KB 03/06/2020 Brochure
Compass 20 Screens - French PDF 225.21 KB 02/12/2020 Brochure
Compass commands PDF 44.45 KB 04/20/2021 Owners Manual

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