24 zone hybrid control system

Honeywell’s FB-624ATPK offers lightning fast installation solutions and complete customer satisfaction.

The FB-624ATPK delivers unsurpassed power and versatility. Capable of handling a total of 24 zones using both wired and wireless on the same control, the FB-624ATPK is perfect for any home, apartment or business. Standard features include a built-in telephone line monitor, 32 user codes, a 128 event SmartLog, four programmable trigger outputs, up to 20 relays and much more. Installers can also take advantage of the unique zone doubling option, which expands the FB-624ATPK with ease and at no extra cost.

You can decide which zones to double or when to add on wireless, allowing you the flexibility and comfort you deserve to meet the most demanding installation challenges.

PACK INCLUDES: OMNI624EU control, OMNI-KP-US, fixed English keypad, 747 sounder, IS215T motion, 467 battery, 1321 transformer, 620 jack and 621 cord.

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