Glassbreak Detector
For the ultimate in false alarm immunity choose the Honeywell Home FG-1025Z glassbreak detector with Time-of-Arrival processing.
  • Only Listens for Sounds Coming from the Glass
    Using two microphones and Time- Of-Arrival (TOA) processing, the detector listens only for the sound of breaking glass arriving from the protected area, and ignores sounds arriving from elsewhere in the room.
  • Superior False Alarm Immunity
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) uses an onboard microcontroller to instantly digitize sounds into mathematic sequences, distinguishing false alarms from breaking glass.
  • Field Proven Glassbreak Protection
    As the world’s most popular glassbreak detectors, Honeywell Home products are field proven around the globe to accurately detect breaking glass.
  • Installer-Friendly Installations
    Designed with the installer in mind, the detector features a centered wire-entry hole, 45° terminal blocks, ample wiring room, EOL terminals, dip switches and optional mounting spacers.
  • Ceiling Mount Detector
    Mounts on the ceiling with a maximum range of 25' (7.6 m) to the glass.
  • Fast and Accurate Testing
    Place the detector in test mode remotely using the hand-held FG-701 Glassbreak Simulator.
  • Easily Verify Detector Operation at Any Time
    A simple clap of the hands will blink the green LED verifying the detector is awake and processing incoming sounds. If the continuous self-test discovers a detector failure, both the red and green LEDs will flash.
Part No. Description
FG-1025Z Glassbreak Detector