High Security Communicator

Honeywell is focused on providing the best alarm communication solutions for the security industry. Alternative communication methods are critical in the marketplace due to VoIP limitations, migration from POTS and global growth of broadband availability.

The iGSMHS Digital Cellular Communicator offers full data reporting and uploading/downloading with most Honeywell control panels. In addition, the on-board zone inputs make the iGSMHS compatible with other manufacturers’ security panels as well. Honeywell communication products and control panels combine to make installations faster and easier.

All signals are delivered to Honeywell’s AlarmNet® Network Control Center, which routes the information to the appropriate central station. The state-of-the-art AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7. AlarmNet has the ability to route messages using AlarmNet-i and 800 PLUS services, providing true redundancy and multi-path message delivery.

Honeywell’s iGSMHS High Security Communicator provides robust, reliable performance and meets the strict requirements of high security applications and UL line security standards. It is ideal for applications such as banks, jewelry stores, government buildings and other installations that require a 200-second communication path supervision rate to meet response demands.


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