Passive Infrared Curtain Motion Sensor
Passive Infrared Curtain Motion Sensor

The IS216T-CUR Motion Sensor offers quality detection in an attractive white housing. The IS216T-CUR is fully featured, flexible and simple to install for basic security applications.


Global Compliance

  • Meets EN 50131-1, Grade 2 Class II
  • Meets TS EN50131-2-2 Grade 2, Class II


  • 33' x 5.5' (10 meter x 1.6 meters) Curtain Pattern

Flexible Mounting

  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings or vertically to protect skylights or access from above

Temperature Compensation

  • Advanced Dual Slope Microprocessor Controlled
  • Digital processing for improved detection and False alarm protection

Shock Algorithm

  • Reduces false alarms

Tamper Proof Design

  • Alarm relay cannot be compromised with a magnet

Installer Friendly Settings

  • Dip switches are easier to program and can not be lost unlike jumpers

Improved EMI Immunity

  • Surface mount design reduces false activation due to RF interference

Attractive Sleek Design

  • The stylish white housing is designed to blend with any room décor

Surfaced Run Wiring

  • A large wiring channel allows for quick, neat installations

Look-down Zones

  • IntelliSense patented look-down mirror provides for optimum detection pattern directly beneath the sensor

Mounting Flexibility

  • The unit easily mounts on walls or in corners for a full range of coverage. With subtle corner mounting knockouts, the IS215TCE maintains its streamlined aesthetics no matter where it is placed

    Sabotage-resistant Lens Design

    • The lens wraps around a retainer, making it more stable and difficult to sabotage

    Selectable Sensitivity

    • Sensitivity can be adjusted to match installation requirements

    Tamper Switch

    • The sealed tamper switch signals before any enclosure access is possible

    White Light Immunity

    • A white light absorbing, black bug guard dramatically increases white light immunity to greater than 6500 Lux, reducing false activations

    Bug Guard

    • Prevents insect access into the sensor optics, reducing the chance of false activation


    • Designed for residential and light commercial applications

    Silent Relay

    • Can be used in quiet environments

    Automatic Walk Test

    • Saves time on installation

Part No. Description
IS216T-CUR Passive Infrared Curtain Motion Sensor
SMB-10 Universal White Swivel Mount Bracket, 5 Pack (0-000-110-01)
SMB-10T Tamper Universal White Swivel Mount Bracket, 5 Pack (0-000-155-01)
SMB-10C Universal White Ceiling Mount Bracket, 5 Pack (0-000-111-01)