Request-to-Exit PIR

Honeywell Home Request-to-Exit (RTE) sensors offer basic and full-featured models to suit every access control application. The quick-install sensors are extremely flexible, provide a generous amount of wiring room and contain built-in internal “tamper proof” shutters to enable precise target area detection.

  • Adjustable relay time (0.5 - 64 seconds)
  • Micro-based signal processing
  • Adjustable “tamper proof” shutters which provide precise target area
  • Two Form C outputs
  • Swivel optics - allow for offset mounting
  • Patented black bug guard
  • Available in white or black
  • Piezo Sounder with volume control
  • Door contact input
  • Reader/keypad/keyswitch input
  • Remote arming and sounder inputs
  • Cover tamper

Part No. Description
IS310WH (0-000-361-01) Entry Level RTE - White
IS310BL (0-000-361-02) Entry Level RTE - Black
IS320WH (0-000-361-03) Fully Featured RTE - White
IS320BL (0-000-361-04) Fully Featured RTE - Black
RTE6PKWH Six pack of IS310WH - White
RTE6PKBK Six pack of IS310BL - Black
IS310WHTP (5-531-395-01) Trim Plate for IS310 and IS320 - White
IS310BLTP (5-531-395-02) Trim Plate for IS310 and IS320 - Black