4G LTE Multi-Path Communicator for VISTA®

The LTE-IC provides IP and cellular transmission paths with added flexibility and reliability and is part of Resideo’s long-lasting family of LTE products that will help grow your business for years to come.

Resideo’s end-to-end system solution combines hardware and cloud services to streamline your business and is quality tested, warrantied and agency listed to offer superior experiences compared to any other service provider.

  • 4G LTE Network and IP Compatibility
  • Full Contact ID
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Upload/Download
  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • AlarmNet360™ Online Management Platform
  • Remote Service Capability (service subscription req.)
  • FOTA Firmware Upgrading
  • Dual Technology Reporting
  • Six Input Zones
  • Built-in Power Supply/Backup Battery
  • Bell Network
File NameSizeRelease DateResource Type
LTE Compatibility Chart PDF 143.79 KB 12/10/2020 Chart
4G LTE Multi-Path Communicator Data Sheet PDF 123.10 KB 08/04/2019 Data Sheets - Dealer
4G LTE Multi-Path Communicator Data Sheet - French PDF 126.64 KB 08/02/2019 Data Sheets - Dealer
Cellular Antennas Data Sheet PDF 89.49 KB 06/19/2019 Data Sheets - Dealer
Cellular Antennas Data Sheet - French PDF 92.35 KB 07/12/2019 Data Sheets - Dealer
Part No. Description
LTE-IC 4G LTE and Internet Multi-Path Communicator (Bell Network)