Central Station Receiver
The MX8000 is Honeywell Home latest, state-of-the-art Digital Central Station Receiver. Its compact design allows up to 36 telephone lines to be connected to a single receiver, providing the benefit of multiple receivers in one consolidated unit. It also provides full support for AlarmNet security systems.

Additional savings can be realized using Honeywell Home new receiver linking feature, which allows up to three MX8000 Receivers to share a single automation port and printer. It provides the benefit of expanding systems that reach maximum capacity.

Service and expansion of the MX8000 is simple and fast thanks to the easy-to-remove front service plate. Additionally, cards may be added or removed while still powered up to avoid costly downtime. MX8000 users can keep pace with the latest technology, since new software features and enhancements are free and easily accessible on Honeywell Home website.

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