Panel linking module
Panel Linking  Module

The VA8200 Panel Linking Module (PLM) allows up to eight VISTA-128BP/128FBP or VISTA-250BP/250FBP high security alarm control panels to be linked together. Panel Linking allows multiple users to arm, disarm and check status of any partition, for any panel, all from one location. Each module connects to the ECP bus on the control panel, and communicates to other PLMs via the RS-485 bus (three wire twisted cable).

  • Control multiple systems, partitions or even buildings from one central location
  • Up to eight systems can be linked together
  • Modules are supervised with local annunciation, central station reporting and/or paging service
  • Total wire run between PLM’s can be up to 4000 feet max.
  • Easy connection to the control panel via ECP bus
  • Up to 50 users may be authorized to access other control panels in the network
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VA8200 Panel Linking Module