VISTA-250FBP / V250FBP-24

Partitioned Fire and Burglary Alarm Control Panel
Designed to integrate seamlessly with CCTV, access control and a full range of fire and burglary components, the new VISTA-250FBP provides the ultimate protection of life and property. The UL Listed combination/fire burglary control panel supports up to eight partitions and up to 250 zones/points using hardwired, wireless and V-Plex® addressable technologies. A diverse line of Resideo initiating devices, notification circuits, communication devices, keypads, RF receivers and relays are also supported. The VISTA-250FBP has been designed to mount quickly and easily in an attack resistant cabinet, and is available in 12V and 24V models.
  • Comes standard with eight hardwired zones, expandable to 242 V-Plex addressable points/zones or 250 wireless points/zones
  • Can control eight separate areas independently (eight partitions)
  • Supports wireless fire and burglary devices
  • Stores up to 1,000 events
  • Supports V-Plex addressable VISTAKEY access control (up to 15 doors)
  • Accommodates 150 user codes and up to 500 access card holders using VISTAKEY
  • Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3A @ 12V or 3.4A @ 24V
  • Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing
  • Four-wire smoke reset using onboard J2 output trigger
  • Supports Dynamic Signaling for AlarmNet communicators used in conjunction with the phone line
  • Supports remote control via AlarmNet Total Connect Services*
  • Supports Internet Alarm Reporting*
  • Notification Appliance Circuits (two):
    – Programmable
    – Individually silenceable
  • Programmable on-board auxiliary relay
  • False alarm reduction features:
    – Exit error logic
    – Exit delay reset
    – Cross zoning
    – Call waiting defeat
    – Recent close report
  • Hardwired zones:
    – Provides eight style B hardwired zones
    – Supports N.O. or N.C. sensors
    – Individually assignable to any partition
    – Up to 32 two-wire smoke detectors each on zones one and two (64 total)
    – Up to 50 two-wire glassbreak detectors on zone eight
    – EOLR supervised for Fire and UL burglary installations
  • Listed to UL864 9th Edition • Upload/download via Ethernet*
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) zone support

 *When used with AlarmNet devices.

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How do I install the Inovonics EN7290 on a Vista? PDF 102.07 KB 07/23/2019 FAQ
Vista-FBP-9 Quick Reference user guide PDF 111.44 KB 06/22/2020 Owners Manual
VISTAFBP-9 Owners Manual PDF 593.94 KB 08/20/2020 Owners Manual
Part No. Description
V250FBP-9 Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Control Panel 12V Model
V250FBP9-24 Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Control Panel 24V Model
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