V-Plex Short Isolator

Designed to work on all Honeywell V-Plex polling loops, the VPLEX-VSI provides short circuit isolation for devices on compatible control panels. When a short occurs on a polling loop branch, it illuminates a trouble LED and isolates the defective branch from the system -- enhancing life safety and protection while reducing troubleshooting time and maintenance costs.

  • Detects and isolates polling loop branches with complete or resistive shorts, and overload or defective polling loop devices on initial power up

  • Can be used to isolate burglary devices from fire devices, increasing life safety and protection

  • LED indicator reduces troubleshooting time and maintenance costs

  • Can be used on all qualified controls that support the ADEMCO V-Plex two-wire polling loop

  • Operates automatically on qualified controls without the need for changes to existing control hardware or software

  • Powered directly from the V-Plex two-wire polling loop

  • Can be placed on any major or minor branch in any configuration on the polling loop

  • Low power consumption

  • Designed to meet appropriate regulatory agency requirements

Part No. Description
VPLEX-VSI V-Plex Short Isolator