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Tuxedo Touch Software Updates

Software Revision

Upgrade Posted: 04/26/2016

This software version is for dealers who want to add the following features to their existing TUXWIFIW and TUXWIFIS accounts. Please follow the instructions below to download the new software.

Note: This software revision cannot be loaded onto TUXW or TUXS keypads as it is not compatible.
This software release replaces the version,, previously released on 11/08/2016 

Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi™ series ADDENDUM - New Features

Software Update Instructions - The following instructions show how to download the software from this site onto an SD card, and how to use that card to update the software on your TUXWIFIW or TUXWIFIS keypads:

  1. Insert a blank SD card into your device drive so you can download the software onto the SD card.

  2. Click on the DOWNLOAD button above and click on Save.



  1. Once saved, double click . Extract the files to your desktop or a directory of your choice. Once the files are extracted, copy them to the SD card, or extract all files from directly to the SD card. ALL THE BELOW FILES MUST APPEAR ON THE ROOT DIRECTORY OF THE SD CARD FOR THE UPDATE TO BE SUCCESSFUL.


  2. Take the SD card with the software downloaded and insert it into the slot on upper right side of the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi Controller. You will hear a snap when the SD card is inserted correctly. (For help locating the SD card slot, refer to the image below).

  3. Now take a paper clip and push in the reset button located on the lower right side of the keypad. (The Reset button is directly behind the “Message LED” on the right side of the plastic. For help locating the Reset button, refer to the image below).

  4. Once a reset is initiated, the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi will restart/reboot. This will start the software update process, which will take about one minute.


  5. Once the software update is complete the keypad will automatically reboot.
    NOTE: After the reboot you may be prompted to enter the ECP address that was noted before step 4.

  6. To Enable the Voice features and start the training, you will have to review and accept the VOICE: DISCLAIMER / LIMITATION OF LIABILITY on the keypad. Please review the Voice supplement for additional support.


  7. tc

    Please follow the instructions below to activate Resideo Total Connect on the Tuxedo Touch:

    1. Go to AlarmNet Direct and set-up or edit the account as usual with the addition of the following:
      1. Click on ADD TUXEDO AUTOMATION.
      2. Enter the Tuxedo MAC address and CRC number (after the update, the CRC number can be found on the System Information screen on Tuxedo Touch).

      3. Set-up the AlarmNet account for Tuxedo Automation
      4. After the AlarmNet account set-up is completed, reset the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi by performing a reset as described in item 5 above.
      5. After the keypad resets and the home screen appears, go to the Z-Wave® device management screen to confirm that the blue Resideo Total Connect (tc) logo appears in the row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Please navigate to Setup-> System Setup->CS Setup-> TC server info.

      6. If the "tc" logo appears, proceed to the next step. If the “tc” logo didn’t appear, re-download the update file and start the process from the beginning. It is likely the update file was corrupted during the download and extraction processes.

      7. Reset the keypad again to synchronize the updated Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi unit with Resideo Total Connect.
      8. Important final step – Logon to Resideo Total Connect and perform a panel sync.