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VAM Software Updates

Software Revision 6.2.10

Version 6.2.10
Upgrade Posted: 09/17/2015

This software version is for dealers who want to add the following features to their existing VAM and VAM-WH accounts. Please follow the instructions below to download the new software.

The following enhancements are included in software revision 6.2.9 or later:

  • For non Resideo Total Connect® Remote Services setups, added the ability to put a username and password on the local access login page to authenticate the user when utilizing web enabled devices for an extra layer of security.
  • Reduced the amount of steps needed for the initial Wi-Fi and network connections which reduces the time and complexity for VAM installations.
  • Added additional language support to open up new opportunities that you could not before. Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese and French Canadian.
  • Added EULA (end-user license agreement) so users can agree to accept any software updates pushed by Honeywell to field installed VAM.
  • Added Z-Wave® garage door and Z-Wave water shut off value support for additional connected home applications. For garage door control we have tested and recommend the “Linear GD00Z Garage Door Controller”. For water shut off control, we recommend the “Fortrezz Water Shut-Off Controller”. Please go to compatibility chart section on this website to find all Z-Wave devices we recommend with VAM.
  • Added low battery status indication for battery powered Z-Wave thermostats and Z-Wave door locks.
  • Enhanced the syncing between VAM and Resideo Total Connect® Remote Services to alleviate potential connectivity issues.

Important Information When Updating to Software Revision 6.2.10:

When updating your VAM to software revision 6.2.10 there are some new features and new screens that your VAM user will experience.

The below information explains the changes the user will see when they have completed the software update to revision 6.2.10.

  1. The first screen the user will see when the software update is complete is the Honeywell privacy statement and end-user license agreement (EULA). This is a legal agreement between Honeywell and the user for use of Honeywell’s software and services. The user needs to read the agreement and click on the accept icon to move forward. The EULA screen below is what the user should see.

  2. The next screen will be the “Controller Initial Setup Wizard” screen. There will be 3 steps the user needs to go through in this section.
    • Step 1: IP Setup - Since this is a software update this may have already been completed on your initial install. If you already have this setup you can hit the “next” button to go to step 2. If this is not setup please follow the instructions in the installation instructions (II) to complete. You can find the (II) in the documentation section on this website.

    • Step 2: Important Operation Information – The user must add their name, mobile phone number and e-mail address and press save. If the user chooses to skip this section they will be reminded to input this information every 2 hours until they do add it.

      Step 3: Remote Login Setup – If this was already completed on your initial install press “Finish” and you will now go to your homescreen. If this has not been completed please add your user name and password and click “save” and then click “finish”.
  3. You should now be at your homescreen and be able to utilize your VAM system as you did before.


Software Update Instructions-The following instructions show how to download the software from this site onto an SD card, and how to use that card to update the software on your VAM:

  1. Insert a blank SD card into your device drive so you can download the software onto the SD card.

  2. Click on the DOWNLOAD button above and click on Save.

  1. Once saved, double click 6.2.10.Extract the files to your desktop or a directory of your choice. Once the files are extracted, copy them to the SD card, or extract all files from 6.2.10 directly to the SD card. ALL THE BELOW FILES MUST APPEAR ON THE ROOT DIRECTORY OF THE SD CARD FOR THE UPDATE TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

  2. Take the SD card with the software downloaded and insert it into the slot on upper right side of the VAM. You will hear a snap when the SD card is inserted correctly. (For help locating the SD card slot, refer to the image below).

  3. Now take a paper clip and push in the reset button located on the lower right side of the keypad. (The Reset button is directly behind the “Message LED” on the right side of the plastic. For help locating the Reset button, refer to the image below).

  4. Once a reset is initiated, the VAM will restart/reboot. This will start the software update process, which will take about one minute.

  5. Once the software update is complete the keypad will automatically reboot.
    NOTE:After the reboot you may be prompted to enter the ECP address that was noted before step 4.