Types of Service


For over 30 years, AlarmNet has been processing and reporting alarm signals. AlarmNet is a trusted communications network that provides secure and reliable alarm monitoring and remote communication services for home and business users. Messages exchanged over AlarmNet network are cryptographically authenticated and encrypted. Our robust AlarmNet platform serves security and smart home needs throughout North America, Latin American regions and covers select European and Middle Eastern regions.

Alarm Delivery

Designed for high scalability and fault-tolerance, AlarmNet provides 24/7 uninterrupted Alarm Delivery services for homes and businesses. Alarm signals are delivered to central stations via Internet or Dialer in a uniform standardized format. AlarmNet offers the following value-added security services to our customers:

  • Video Alarm Verification (VAV): Monitoring personnel may access video clips with pre- and post-alarm footage to see what caused an alarm event.
  • Two-Way Voice: Enables central station operators to listen in and talk through the security system during an alarm event, when an alarm signal is received.
  • Advanced Protection Logic (APL): Reports the alarm to the central station even if the system is tampered with during the entry and communication delay times.


AlarmNet monitors and maintains the connectivity between the network and AlarmNet communicators. If a communication failure is detected, AlarmNet immediately reports such failures to the central station. Supervision rates vary depending on the account.

Resideo Total Connect Remote Services

Resideo Total Connect offers users the ability to remotely control their home or small business anytime, anywhere directly on their mobile device. Users may control their security system, video cameras, thermostats, lighting, locks and more. They may receive event notifications on activity, view live video, see, hear, and speak to visitors at the front door using compatible smart devices, and use voice control for security—anytime, anywhere. Visit totalconnecttoolkit.com for more information