Crestron has developed a driver for their control systems which include both 2 and 3-Series® processors to interface with VISTA via the 4232CBM. These products and profiles are rigorously tested in Crestron labs for interoperability, and allow for audio, video, home integration and energy management to react based on different security system states (Arm/Away, Arm/Stay, Disarm, Intrusion and Fire/Emergency).

Creston has supported Honeywell Home VISTA commercial panels for many years. In efforts to continue the best communication between our systems, Creston developed a driver to support the residential VISTA control panel line with their 2 and 3-Series control products.
VISTA control panels that interface with Creston’s control systems present Honeywell Home Security dealers and Creston dealers operating in the same region, an opportunity to incorporate their installations together to provide enhanced security services, innovative climate and lighting integration and audio/video control products to their customers. Creston’s pre-configured driver is a solution that would help dealers to minimize programming time. Dealers already installing both product lines will now be able to benefit from the wide range of Honeywell Home Security panels and peripherals as well as Creston’s 2 and 3-Series® control products in their home integration.
A single, low-cost module (4232CBM Connected Building Module) and Creston’s 4232CBM profile will provide keypad emulation and basic system status for most residential and commercial Honeywell Home VISTA panels (VISTA-15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BPT, 128FBPT, 250BPT, 250FBPT, 32FBPT and equivalent models sold by First Alert Professional dealers). For Creston dealers, this offers an additional security product that can easily interface with Creston’s control systems for security monitoring and control.
Crestron dealers should call 1-800-852-0086 to be aligned with a Honeywell Home Security dealer.
Any Honeywell Home Security dealer interested in aligning with or becoming a Creston dealer should visit: http://www.crestron.com/contact/find_a_representative/.
All Honeywell Home equipment, including the 4232CBM interface module, is available through ADI. Creston products are not currently available through ADI. Creston products are available through authorized partners and the pre-configured drive will be available for free through the Crestron Application Market (http://applicationmarket.crestron.com)

Honeywell Home Security is not selling Creston products and Creston is not selling Honeywell Home Security products. Our relationship is enabling the business opportunity for Honeywell Home Security dealers and Creston dealers through the module/driver interface.

Creston will handle technical and sales support on their systems

*Specific minimum software versions are required; consult the 4232CBM data sheet for more details.